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VECONEX (Vehicle Control Expert) – We develop, manufacture, install and operate satellite tracking, diagnostics and security systems for vehicle fleets, heavy machinery, products and assets. You dream it, we’ll make it! We provide customized solutions as well.

Funding Stage: Seed
Are you hiring? No
Perks? 1

Leaperr is an autonomous AI system capable of producing by itself, variety of interior design options for any given space.Leaperr turns interior design into an immediate and easy process, enabling everyone to design any space with no pre-required knowledge.

Location: Israel
Funding Stage: Seed
Industry: Artificial Intelligence
Are you hiring? No
Perks? not at the moment

Pinpoint Predictive has brought to market the first privacy-safe commercial applications of psychometric advertising. Our Data Analytics Engine uses machine learning to transform surface-level behaviors into individual-level models of dozens of personality traits that are strongly rooted in the huma

Location: San francisco Bay Area
Funding Stage: Seed
Industry: Data Analytics and Data Science
Are you hiring? No

B2B agri-trade done right. Online.

Location: San Francisco
Funding Stage: Seed
Industry: E-Commerce, supply-chain, agriculture, and wholesale
Are you hiring? No
Perks? 0

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In 2009, we saw a need to innovate the way networking is done in the Jewish community of Silicon Valley, and beyond. We believe that we need to constantly innovate and evolve with the times. We believe that we can make the world better through technology and innovation. Jews For Entrepreneurship’s tech hub is the place to discover our community’s innovation, participate in events nationwide, and learn from experts in our network.