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Websites are more secure, faster and scalable on Strattic. Strattic publishes sites built on content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal as static sites, giving users the best of both the dynamic world of content management systems, and the more stable world of static websites.

Location: Jerusalem
Funding Stage: Bootstrapped
Industry: Internet, Hosting and Web, and security
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Used by 50k+ businesses from 130+ countries.
Imagine a world where eCommerce businesses focus only on what they should – sourcing great products and providing awesome customer support.
CrazyLister automagically streams products data and design across your sales and marketing channels.

Location: Tel Aviv
Funding Stage: Series A
Industry: Ecommerce
Are you hiring? Yes
Perks? 1

Snappy makes it incredibly simple to send real gifts for individuals or enterprises. It uses machine learning to find out what recipients like.

Location: San Francisco
Funding Stage:
Industry: Gifts and E-Commerce
Are you hiring? Yes
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B2B agri-trade done right. Online.

Location: San Francisco
Funding Stage: Seed
Industry: E-Commerce, supply-chain, agriculture, and wholesale
Are you hiring? No
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MarchQuest: The Real-World Roleplaying Game by Loreful
Aharon Cagle
CheckOut Labs
Asaf Shapira
A new way to Compose
Drag Labs
Drag Labs
Snappy's Story
Hani Goldstein
AppZen - AI-powered Automation for the Enterprise Back Office
Jonathan Chizick
KoTrie-Chat & Social Events
Roman Polonsky
MarketSquare's story
Yishai Boasson
MarketSquare Technologies Inc.


Straight from Silicon Valley

The false promise of channel partners for startups

Building a strong sales machine is often challenging for a startup. As a small company, you can only afford a small sales team and a modest marketing budget. Further, many entrepreneurs come from an engineering or product background (this is especially true in Israel)... read more

Series A

In partnership with Israel Economic Mission, Jews for Entrepreneurship is hosting the Israel Startup Showcase in San Francisco and NYC. Israeli startups raising post-seed capital will have an opportunity to pitch to and field questions from a panel of  investors and investor audience. There will be ample networking opportunities before and after the companies’ presentations.

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In 2009, we saw a need to innovate the way networking is done in the Jewish community of Silicon Valley, and beyond. We believe that we need to constantly innovate and evolve with the times. We believe that we can make the world better through technology and innovation. Jews For Entrepreneurship’s tech hub is the place to discover our community’s innovation, participate in events nationwide, and learn from experts in our network.