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Startup stories are 2 minute videos recorded by startup founders about their product, team, technology, experience, and exciting updates like product launches, fundraises, and hiring announcements.

  It’s very simple to record your own 2 minute video by clicking the “add your startup story” button below. Please read our video recording guidelines here.

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shopUpz pitch - we turn every video to a shopping cart
Shirly Leibovich
AppZen - AI-powered Automation for the Enterprise Back Office
Jonathan Chizick
A new way to Compose
Drag Labs
Drag Labs
KoTrie-Chat & Social Events
Roman Polonsky
CheckOut Labs
Asaf Shapira
MarchQuest: The Real-World Roleplaying Game by Loreful
Aharon Cagle
Snappy's Story
Hani Goldstein
MarketSquare's story
Yishai Boasson
MarketSquare Technologies Inc.