JFE Venture Club Membership Requirements

JFE Venture Club is a membership based group of Jewish venture and angel investors. Our members are all accredited investors and consist of venture capital investors, successful high technology founders or executives, and angel investors. JFE Venture Club works well because of the exclusive and experienced nature of its membership.  We meet regularly for exclusive events, Shabbat dinners, and pitch nights in San Francisco. 

The goal of our venture club is to strengthen the Jewish venture community, to create co-investment opportunities, and expand our dealflow channels, having colleagues to share diligence and opinions, and distributing risk across a number of deals.

We also aim to foster philanthropic impact investment by introducing mission driven and non-profit startups, and initiating founder pledges for tech companies that are funded though the club. 


Membership is by invitation only. Generally, one must be sponsored by a current member who knows the new member and can recommend them. Nevertheless, we do accept new members initially unknown to the group and all who fit the criteria and have an interest are encouraged to consider the group. Angel investors that are interested to apply for membership with the JFE Venture Club need to complete a Member Agreement Form and meeting with several members of the Membership Committee for informal conversations. These meetings are a great opportunity for prospective members to learn from the members about JFE Venture Club. It is readily apparent by all sides if a fit exists and, if so, an invitation is extended.


Members must qualify as accredited U.S. investors (minimum $1M net worth [excluding primary residence] or greater than $200k per year in income [for at least 2 years) 
Members must have prior investing, angel investing experience or tech industry experience.
Members must be sponsored by a current member (if not invited directly by the founding members).
Members must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the membership agreement.
Members must pay annual membership fee detailed in the Member Agreement Form.
Members must attend at least one third of the meetings, make at least 1 investment per year. 

Process for Membership Qualification 

Qualifying individuals are invited to consider becoming members of JFE Venture Club.

Membership is at the discretion of the membership committee and is subject to annual renewal, non-renewal, revocation or termination by the membership committee. 

Interested parties must complete the Membership Agreement Form and Membership Survey.
The membership committee will review all applications for membership, meet the applicant, and endeavor to provide applicants with a written response within thirty (30) days of completed application submission. 

Membership may be terminated or revoked at the discretion and determination of the membership committee, should it be determined that a member has breached any term of membership. 


JFE Venture Club brings together some of the most successful people in Silicon Valley who share their experiences and thoughts, and bring their own unique deal flow. The group brings together like-minded successful people who want to spur innovation in the Jewish community and give back to the future generation of aspiring entrepreneurs across traditional and mission driven startups. 

Benefits include:

Enhanced deal flow, better due diligence, and negotiating power.
The members’ independent decision making process that lets thems invest individually and close rounds fast.
Meet founding teams in person and be a part of a strong entrepreneurial and supportive community.
Operated under a tax exempt non profit organization with the intention to support Jewish innovation and give back to the community.
Participation of venture capital investors that can help close rounds faster.

To request a membership agreement form, please emil Jenny at jennyb@jfenetwork.com