Why outsource in Belarus (and visit it, too!)

By by Natalia Kukushkina, Manager at DashBouquet 

Belarus is a relatively small European country that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Even though some years ago many people were still asking what part of Russia it belongs to, now it seems everybody are aware that such country exists and that it is indeed an independent one and has a lot to offer.

One of the reasons why Belarus became so recognizable is the amount of IT-companies it has and outsourcing services it provides. There is quite a number of worldwide-known companies that originated in Belarus. Does Wargaming or Viber sound familiar? As well a lot of leading US companies do not hesitate using Belorussian outsourcing services. So what makes Belarus so attractive?

1.Cost of development

Unlike many European or US countries, the cost of development in Belarus is relatively low. Still, the quality of development is really high because companies are careful in choosing their employees and they really care about their reputation.

So, by paying less, you will basically get more – sounds like a good choice.

2.Visa-free entry

In 2017 the President announced that now for 83 countries visa is not required to enter Belarus for 5 days stay. The list of the countries includes US and EU countries, which make up the majority of the foreign clients. And this is great news indeed!

Because Belarus is not very big and most IT-companies are located in Minsk, which is the capital city, 5 days would be more than enough for you to have a look at the majority of companies, meet their CEOs and managers and even grab a few drinks and do some quality sight-seeing.

3.Geographical position

Technically, Belarus is in the center of Europe and, while it is not part of EU, still it’s incredibly convenient to get there from any European city. It normally takes about 1,5 – 3h to get from Paris or Berlin to Minsk and you can do it by car, plane, train or however you wish.

Geo position of the country also matters when it comes up to the languages spoken. All Belorussian developers speak English (which is a must for any candidate) and know at least one more other European language, which is a great plus as it ensures clear communication.

4. Overall development of IT industry in the country

Universities are seeing hundreds of wannabe developers every year and IT startups are popping up like crazy. Software industry is one of the top priorities of the country economy with 3% of its share in the national export.

As well, Belarus has a High Technology Park, including EPAM as its resident, and it keeps expanding.

5.Attitude towards work

Upon hiring, many IT companies state that developers at times may need to start at 12pm but end their work day at 8 or 9pm accordingly when their US partners will be at work. Belorussian specialists are ready to adapt to your needs and time zone, in addition, every company does its best to keep competitive. Thus, the quality of work is always a top-notch and almost every company has some unique services to offer.

In addition to the reasons stated above, at DashBouquet we also aim for establishing long-term relationship with our client. We see you as part of our team – so visit Minsk, grab some beer with us and be sure we will apply all our expertise and knowledge to deliver some freaking awesome results to you!