By Chen Levkovich, founder and CEO of Zuznow, a mobile development platform for complete enterprise mobile strategy.

I’m a developer. Yes, I’ve become the CEO of my company and rarely do any coding nowadays. But, computer science always has been and still is, my true passion. As a developer I was always looking for; tools, ways and resources to make my development efforts; better, faster, seamless, so that I could be able focus on leveraging existing technologies to build better ones. This is why we built Zuznow and this is what Zuznow does for web developers.

Three years ago I wrote the first lines of code to what has become the Zuznow platform. Looking back, those few lines of code now seem so basic and elementary. I’m filled with pride and satisfaction to see where our team has taken them, what a powerful platform it has become and on how many companies it has had a positive impact.

Even the CEO needs to be reminded…

Every now and then I take a break from my “CEO role” to try out the platform. I choose a few applications and run them through our AI automatic engine to test its power. I check the new SDKs and features and provide my feedback on the platform’s UI and UX. I never run the full process, I leave that to our R&D and PS developers.

But a week ago, I decided to go for the home run. It was after a potential client doubted my statement that with the Zuznow platform his team will be able to deliver a full omni-channel presence for one of their complex applications – in less than 2 weeks.

So, I took the challenge and realized I was wrong…. It actually took much less time than I expected. In only 1.5 days I created a full omni-channel presence for a CRM application. This includes smartphones and tablets, mobile web and native apps as well as a new and improved desktop UI. Now, I’m not a web developer. As much as I would have liked to take the credit for this achievement, I will have to give the credit to the platform – and to my great team who built it.

Tip and Tricks

I was able to get a great result so quickly because I was leveraging every feature and every capability the platform has to offer. Our dashboard is built for web developers, and doesn’t require skills beyond those they already possess. But, as I was customizing the automatic result (which really did 90% of the work) I thought it would make sense to highlight some basic “rules” on how I believe web developers should leverage the platform to build a scalable and sustainable mobile presence:

  1. It’s a different state of mind – the Zuznow platform is based on a disruptive technology that not only changes what people do, but also how they do it. Yes, it is very difficult to change people’s behavior, but we believe that current development methods are forced due to lack of genuine technology. The Zuznow platform allows you to develop faster and better – so don’t push your old development habits on it—open up—it will be worth it, I promise.

  2. Everything is possible – even if the automatic result hasn’t enabled everything you want, using our dashboard will make it easy to change, modify or build a whole new experience.

  3. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel – Zuznow dashboard offers an extensive SDK spanning the simplest to the most complicated of needs. It can save you A LOT of time, effort and frustration. Our team is doing amazing job to make your development process smarter and faster, so that you can focus on the important things. We update our SDK almost every week – use it – you’ll love it!

  4. Build it to last – a great omni channel presence, is a sustainable and a scalable one. When developing on the Zuznow platform we encourage you to think outside the box, build for now and for the next 6-12months. Release yourself from the heavy chains of unneeded maintenance development and enjoy the power of our automated technology that does the work for you.

  5. Do more – the better you build, the more you build. Reduce the backlog of applications waiting to be available on mobile, and optimize your efforts to fit with your company’s plans and strategy. Just imagine how much you can achieve if it takes you less than a week to complete a full omni-channel presence for any application.

So, I’m actually happy that the client challenged me. Now that I’ve tried it myself I realized it is much more powerful than I remembered. Looking at our roadmap for the next 6-12 months, I can assure you that as great it is, it is only going to get better.


Yours, Chen

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Chen is a passionate technology executive, entrepreneur and internet visionary with an intense interest in mobile, enterprise mobility, Internet and security. He brings over 15 years of practical experience in R&D leadership, project management, software architecture, network security, mobile, cloud computing, and constant evaluation of technology divisions to further the vision of the company. Chen started the development of the Automatic Zuznow platform to bring easiness and speed with no compromises to the enterprise.