How to Acquire Paying Customers – With Ross Gordon, Founder of CraftJack

Interview by Dr. Jeremy Weisz, who is the founder of and Owner of Chiropractical Solutions.

Ross Gordon is the Founder and CEO of CraftJack which sold just one year after its inception. CraftJack helps contractors grow their business and find new clients through lead generation and online marketing.

Presentation: Customer Acquisition

Big Promise: Customer Acquisition- the most overlooked and most important) Case Study: A to Z Story from beginning to paying customer

1. Identify your customer & BE SPECIFIC -CraftJack: “contractors” is too broad -Mystery Tackle Box: intermediate bass anglers -Customer Loyalty Company: not in business

2. Understand Behaviors to Find them -Craftjack : 2 sided marketplace 1. Contractors – forums 2. Homeowners Buying intent – estimates for…

3. Identify Your One Goal CraftJack- Contests for Emails (coolest bathroom pic of the week) Mystery Tackle Box- We want subscriptions (homepage) Emails (past boxes as leadgen)

4. Create the Messaging & Split Test – CraftJack focused problems of contractors: landing pages, ad copy, etc -Overcome obstacles- “referrals for the 21st century” – Split Test Messaging: 21st century vs. Discount leads Which one do you think won? -Tools to Use

5. Driving Traffic and Test Sources -Channels

CraftJack contractors: cold calling, direct mail, linkedin Consumer Brands : facebook, banner ad displays -Test Channels and TRACK EVERYTHING -Tools: optimizely

6. Scale it Up -CraftJack: We would spend $1000 a week testing and once optimized —> started spending $3000 a day -Replicate what works Expand with Related Keywords

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