Fighting BDS the Initech way

By Ishay Tentser, Founder at Initech

This is the story of Initech, founded by two Jewish guys, Igor and Ishay, who repatriated from two different states of the former USSR and met for the first time during their studies for the computer sciences degree in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Both shared the dream of becoming officers in the Army of the Jewish State and having meaningful and challenging army service. As they studied together and later enlisted together, their dream came true: they served as officers in elite technological unit of IDF. After that, they started to think of the next challenge, and it came to them in the form of a start-up that they founded towards the end of the compulsory military service period.

Two laborious years ensued, during which Igor and Ishay worked hard on laying technological foundation of their idea and trying to secure funding for further activities. Unfortunately, 2008/09 were not the best years to seek seed funding for fledgling Israeli start-up. Being turned down by all investors and lacking personal resources to fund the development of the start-up, Igor and Ishay still refused to abandon their dream of technological company. The solution, for them, was to reorganize their activities into a outsourcing company developing custom software for other start-ups. This way, in early 2010 Initech (Igor and Ishay Technologies) was born.

Since then, we are living out our dream of managing a technological company in Israel, the home of a Silicon Wadi. During this time, we developed tens of products and participated in hundreds of projects, many of which are multi-national efforts.

We consider ourselves ambassadors of the Startup Nation to the world.

We believe that every person, with no distinction of ethnicity, religion or political allegiance, has the right to do business with other people, as long as they are making world a better and safer place by their services and products.

We will never accept the fact that some people will not buy Israeli produce simply because of the bad publicity promoted by Israel’s enemies around the globe. We believe that superior technology and innovation of Israel can benefit the whole world!

Therefore, we advocate our services and Israeli products in general among potential customers in countries that are known to strongly support BDS (such as Norway and Denmark).

We proudly wield the badge of being former officers of IDF, known for highest morals standards and home for many innovative solutions in the field of security.

We are prepared to hear NO and even face the outright rejection on the grounds of our nationality, as long as we are able to convince even one person in hundred that Israeli business can be a perfect partner for an international enterprise.

We don’t plan on engaging in any loud political activities aimed against BDS. We are just doing our quiet explanatory work in firm belief that words of reason will eventually find listeners and bear fruit in form of improved perception of Israel as a nation of true democracy and peace.

We learned this lesson of perseverance from our parents and grandparents, who struggled in hostile environment of political oppression and bitter anti semitism to always display the others the better sides of jewish identity.

 This is the story of Initech, our story.

Initech co-founders, Igor Gassko & Ishay Tentser