AcademixDirect Acquires Popular Education/Career App Company, Expands Service Offerings for Over 12MM Students

JFE is excited to share that its alumni company, a participant in the JFE seminar program has been acquired.

MENLO PARK, Calif., July 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AcademixDirect announces it has merged with PathSource, creator of the number one career exploration app in the United States, along with a range of other highly rated resume, education and career tools.

AcademixDirect, founded in 2004, provides education guidance to over 12 million students annually who are struggling to carve out a higher education plan. AcademixDirect offers its services to students for free, while streamlining and expediting this difficult process for students and their families. At the same time, the company helps community and state colleges by connecting them with students identified as strong candidates for their programs.

"Adding PathSource to our family just made great sense," says Don Loonam, AcademixDirect CEO. "The apps developed by the PathSource team are unlike any other education/career search technology out there. With the PathSource integration, we offer a full spectrum of tools to help students make incredibly informed choices, saving them valuable time and money," Loonam states. "No one else is doing anything on this scale and level of sophistication. It's really exciting."

PathSource's lifestyle/career/education app is five-star rated and the #1 rated career app in the app store. SV Magazine said, "This app might just have the power to change lives." Nearly 1 million users have downloaded PathSource apps, which help people make better choices about their career and educational path. The flagship app utilizes a unique lifestyle assessment, educational pathways, career options, resume builder, job board and job fair tools to dive deeper in order to get personalized career recommendations. In addition, its video library contains more than 3000 proprietary videos of real people in real jobs giving an honest, authentic glimpse into different careers. PathSource was co-founded by Aaron Michel and Alex Li.

PathSource will join two other major career/education-matching powerhouse resources in AcademixDirect's family: and Degree.Me. "The process looks something like this," Loonam shares. "If a PathSource user decides that she wants to go into marketing and thinks a four-year degree will be helpful in getting a good job, Degree.Me can chart several possible paths for her to get any necessary remedial credits via Coursetalk at little or no cost, then get a two-year community college degree before transferring into the more expensive four-year college. From the standpoint of saving students money while helping them reach their career and educational goals, this is an unparalleled success."

"This merger enables PathSource to personalize our solution even further and connect our users with exactly the right career and educational path to fit their needs," states Aaron Michel, PathSource CEO. "With PathSource and AcademixDirect combined, we can enhance the unique suite of tools we offer while scaling and sharing our life-changing offering with even more Americans who are trying to find their path. I'm so excited for this next phase in the life of the company."